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AHFA Has Updated Law Label Guidance

AHFA fields hundreds of inquiries from its member companies every year, and many of them pertain to product labeling requirements. 

In response, the Alliance created “Anatomy of a Law Label,” a document that explains key furniture-specific U.S. labeling regulations.

The document was updated in May 2021 to reflect requirements of the new federal flammability standard, which went into effect June 25 and includes a new compliance label.  In June and July, several additional revisions were made to ensure that the sample labels within the document conformed with guidance provided by the International Association of Bedding and Furniture Labeling Officials, or IABFLO.

Some of the recommendations in the document result from months or even years worth of AHFA consultations with regulatory officials as specific labeling requirements were being developed and implemented. The document is a unique resource offering member companies both industry “best practices” and regulatory requirements for formaldehyde and flammability labeling, as well as for Prop 65 and California TB 117-2013 for products shipped into California.

The document can be found on the flammability, formaldehyde and Prop 65 regulatory compliance pages of AHFA’s website. It is available to members only, and a member log-in is required.