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Solution Partners

AHFA’s Solution Partners are dedicated to advancing the growth and global influence of the home furnishings industry by supporting and strengthening the ties between manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. The group strives to accomplish this by:

Sponsoring and supporting programs that illuminate industry issues and trends and lead to greater understanding and more effective business strategies;

Facilitating communication between suppliers and manufacturers through all available means, from face-to-face networking opportunities to online social channels;

Helping to plan and fund programs that result in increased knowledge and effective solutions to industry challenges; and,

Promoting individual professional development.

AHFA’s Suppliers Division was organized in 1964 to serve companies that supply products and services to home furnishings manufacturers. Over the years, the diverse membership of this division has played a key role in providing needed information, expertise and partnership on critical industry issues.

Throughout its 50-year history, members of the Supplier Division have enjoyed access to the same valuable resources as AHFA’s manufacturer members, including regulatory compliance tools, the industry’s top environmental programs, relevant training and development opportunities, and advocacy on legislative and regulatory matters that impact our industry.

In 2014, the Supplier Division Board of Directors voted to rebrand the group as Solution Partners to more accurately reflect the members’ active role in the joint resolution of challenges and issues facing the home furnishings industry.

Member Benefits

Companies participating in AHFA’s Solution Partners enjoy a competitive advantage that makes membership indispensable.

Networking Opportunities

The Solution Partners division facilitates business relationships by providing professional networking opportunities during AHFA-sponsored educational programs and events, including the exclusive CEO Conference and Annual Meeting each November.

Annual Education Golf Tournament

The Solution Partners Education Golf Tournament supports a variety of education initiatives, including the Solution Partners Scholarship Program, which presents $30,000 in education awards each year to the children of industry workers.

Advertising & Marketing

Advertising in both the print and online AHFA Membership Directories is available only to AHFA Solution Partners members, providing them with a unique and powerful platform for enhancing marketing efforts within the home furnishings industry.

Leadership Opportunities

The Solution Partners division is governed by its own board of directors, providing participating executives with important opportunities for both leadership and visibility within the industry. The board meets twice a year during April and October High Point markets.


A variety of professional and technical seminars, training programs and conferences throughout the year offer Solution Partners networking opportunities with AHFA’s manufacturer and importer members.

Partners are invited to any or all educational programs and are encouraged to review the annual slate of events to identify the programs that best suit their areas of industry focus.



AHFA’s Solution Partners group operates with its own Board of Directors, providing member companies with opportunities for both leadership and visibility within the home furnishings industry. Directors are senior level executives in Solution Partner companies. They serve one- to three-year terms.

An Executive Committee, comprised of the President, First Vice President, Second Vice President and Chairman of the Board, leads the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

Become an AHFA Solution Partner

Membership in the Solution Partners group of the AHFA is available to persons, firms and corporations that supply products or services to the home furnishings industry. These include manufacturers of equipment and machinery; suppliers of component parts, materials and supplies; various consulting services; financial institutions and services; information technology products, services and support; employee benefits providers; legal services; marketing and public relations services; packaging, transportation and warehousing products, services and support; both domestic and international logistics; and waste disposal and environmental services.

Membership Levels

Membership dues are computed on a sliding scale for companies offering products to furniture manufacturers. The scale is based on the company’s annual sales volume.



Dues for a company with annual sales less than $1.5 Million.

Companies supplying services to furniture manufacturers.



Dues for a company with annual sales from $1.5 - $3 Million



Dues for a company with annual sales from $3 - $10 Million



Dues for a company with annual sales over $10 Million

AHFA Solution Partner Contacts

Andy Counts

336-884-5000, ext. 0115

Michael Padjen

VP of Membership and Associate Member Relation
336-884-5000, ext. 1010

Donna Garcia

Executive Assistant
336-884-5000, ext. 1035