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AHFA Offers Clarity on Media Chest Labels

AHFA released a new guidance document in February to assist its member companies with the development of warning labels for clothing storage units that are designed for use with televisions – furniture that is typically called a “media chest.”

Last year ASTM International published an update to ASTM F2057, the voluntary furniture stability standard.  Among other changes, the revision included two new warning labels, one for media chests and one for all other clothing storage furniture covered by the standard.

The media chest label generated immediate confusion thanks to a “fill in the blank” provision designed to allow manufacturers to customize a warning statement about TV use. ASTM F2057-19 advises manufacturers to consider ANSI UL 1678 when developing this statement. ANSI UL is a standard for household, commercial and institutional TV carts, stands and entertainment centers. ANSI UL 1678 requires this warning statement on covered products: “For use with televisions weighing X lbs. or fewer. Use with heavier televisions may result in instability causing tip-over resulting in death or serious injury.”

AHFA sought input and analysis from members, technical specialists and legal counsel in developing its guidance document on the media chest label. It recommends that manufacturers use the above warning statement from ANSI UL 1678. But it also provides new, supplemental information from UL on testing the stability of chests and dressers holding a TV. This supplemental stability test guides manufacturers in determining the appropriate weight to use in the media chest warning statement.

“In short, AHFA strongly recommends all members comply with UL 1678. Application of this guidance may vary with each product, so members should consult their technical advisors and legal counsel regarding product-specific issues and questions,” said AHFA Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Bill Perdue.

“Label Guidance for Media Chests” is available to AHFA members on the AHFA website, It can be downloaded from the Member Toolbox on the Furniture Stability page. Members must log in to access this member-protected document.