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All Things Logistics AHFA Webinar Series

AHFA’s Specialized Furniture Carriers division has planned a series of logistics webinars to bring companies up-to-date on key issues impacting industry operations this fall. The members only webinars are free of charge. All 3 sessions will run from 2 to 3 p.m. EDT.

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Ocean Freight Outlook

Rachel Shames and Bill Smith of CV International present a comprehensive update on how carriers are fine-tuning their capacity strategies to address COVID-19 and the unprecedented supply chain uncertainty the industry is experiencing in the wake of the pandemic.
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Furniture Delivery in the Future: Lessons From the Pandemic

- Furniture Delivery continues to evolve with the rise of eCommerce sales. Suddenly, the coronavirus has dramatically changed "normal behavior" for consumers, eComs, retailers, transportation providers and final-mile carriers. We'll discuss which changes will continue to drive the industry in the future.

Five Things Every Customer Should Know About Their Carrier

Provides insights that will help retailers and manufacturers answer key questions leading to stronger relationships with their carriers.
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Owner Operator/Independent Contractor Model in the Crosshairs

The owner/operator independent contractor model is the traditional backbone of interstate trucking. The model is under imminent danger in blue states, the halls of Congress, before federal agencies, and in the courts.
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